Economics Is For Donkeys; Populism and Penguin Effect.


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“Dangling a carrot in front of a donkey—or anyone else for that matter—is not nice, and not fair, unless you eventually plan to give it up to them.” ― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

I remember a few years back one of my friends decided to rent an apartment in downtown Manhattan and he prided himself for his ability to afford a swanky one bed room apartment paying a rent of 4K per month. Good for Him but soon my friend had cause for complaints as he soon discovered that similar apartments in his building were allotted to families from lower income groups for Five Hundred dollars per month. He had to swallow the bitter pill and watch in silence as the lower income group families were subletting the allotted apartments at their market price. Welcome to Manhattan my Friend. Economic Populism in display in the Jewel of Crown of Capitalistic America. Continue reading Economics Is For Donkeys; Populism and Penguin Effect.

Modi’s Pin Stripe Suit IPL Auction And Butterfly Effect

modi suit

This week the story of two auctions made rounds in the Indian Media. Yuvraj Singh the Indian team discard made headlines as Delhi Dare Devils splurged a Cool 16 Crore Rupees ( 2.5 Million Dollars) for his famed match winning abilities amply showcased in 2014 T20 Final in Bangladesh. In the other auction the much hyped or rather maligned Modi’s Suit had a Diamond Trader with very deep pockets from Surat claiming the bagging rights for the much Priced Possession for a reported 1.44 Crore Rupees( 232,000 Dollars). IPL can take a cue and organize the future player auctions denominated in Modi Suit’s. Yuvaraj can barter his earnings for ten Modi Suits if he considers him as a true Modi Bhakt. ( Modi Devotee)Read More

Narendra Modi’s meteoric rise in politics and metamorphosis from a polarizing figure as often projected by the left wing media to the Prime Minister of India has its parallel’s in the evolution of butterflies from a self-seeking caterpillar to the attention seeking Buzzing Butterfly. Narendra Modi’s Sartorial extravaganza in sheer display during President Obama’s visit gave stiff competition to fashion diva Michelle Obama’s stylistic credentials and his much talked about Pin Stripe Modi Suit consigned any discussion on the vaunted floral frocks of Michelle Obama to the middle pages of all the newspapers. Modi’s flamboyance was in tune with the shimmering and changing pigments of the colorful variegated butterfly. Not that I am a self-confessed admirer of butterflies we humans have a lot to learn from butterflies regarding transformational change and have a appreciation of so called Butterfly Effect to understand the repercussions of anything insignificant on anything as diverse ranging from Meteorology to Indian Politics.


The ever changing Indian Political Scenario showcases the much talked Butterfly Effect of Chaos theory a tiny event leading to a long term variation in a system. Anna Hazare’s Anti Graft movement had its Butterfly Effect in Indian Politics when Arvind Kejriwal reigned supreme in Delhi Elections this year. Not discounting the Butterfly Effect of the news bytes Modi Suit attracted in the Media which projected him as a “Narcissist” Modi’s back room boys have introduced a new set of butterflies flapping their wings in the reverse direction to enhance Modis’s slightly blemished image and put a spin by projecting him in a new light as Altruistic Modi who is willing to sell what it takes to clean the holy Ganges. Long live the Ganges.