Lord Krishna And Sir Isaac Newton: Two sides Of The Same Coin


The art of blogging is all about coming up with attention grabbing headlines and it’s a challenge in itself to come up with a headline out of the blue. That’s the fun part of blogging as I discovered so far. I would say a blogger is a person who is looking up for a black cat in a dark room which is not there or a more common place view as being a “jobless barber out there with his razor to shave a cat’s mane” Oh Well at least the cat has something to thank the barber for. Pun aside it was not supposed to be about cats in the first place.

We have a lot to thank the APPLE not the company found by Steve Jobs but the RED delicious apple for our understanding of Physics. On that day if the apple had decided to stay put and had clung to its branches Sir Isaac Newton rest assured would have been lost to the world of Physics and not had his life changing visions leading to his famous book “Philosophaie Naturalis Principia Mathematica” containing his famous Newton’s Laws of Motion. His Contribution to Physics so immense that he is immortalized in the famous verses of a poet of the medieval era . Continue reading Lord Krishna And Sir Isaac Newton: Two sides Of The Same Coin

Law of Fortune: Who wants to be a Billionaire

billpicture Bill Gates is the first person who flashes in front of our mind when he hear of the word Billionaires. We haven’t reached a state where the term Trillionaire is associated with an individual person yet. The world trillion is more talked in reference to the world’s largest economies. One day we will get there where we have an individual with a trillion dollar fortunes Talking about fortune’s lets for a moment think how fortunes are made. The modern billionaires have all made their fortunes courtesy of an economic policy called Capitalism. An institution which encourages wealth accumulation by participation in stock markets. All billionaires of today are what they are because of the zillions of shares they own giving them the billionaires tag. In effect all these billionaires have contributed something to the society of some utilitarian value which they have monetized though the workings of a capitalistic economy.

In the days before the advent of the free market economy and capitalism the richness was associated with aristocracy and nobility. The richness of nobility was quantified on the basis of the extant of their kingdoms and its vast population and the tax revenue the kingdoms generated. The business men in such societies were never able to scale such heights as achieved by the likes of Zuckerberg’s of the modern era. Continue reading Law of Fortune: Who wants to be a Billionaire