Bollywood and Fishing

That sounds interesting. But on a deeper analysis there’s a lot of fishing activity going on in Bollywood. For Starters there are Three big fishes in three big ponds and a lot of smaller fishes in many smaller ponds. As per The rules of Bollywood The three big fishes don’t see eye to eye with the other big fishes. All small fishes try to entice the three big fishes. In addition to fishes there are sharks and jelly fishes. The three big fishes are attacked by sharks all the time and jelly fishes cling on to all the three big fishes but the predator savvy big fishes swim away from repeated jaws of death and continue to rule their three ponds. Now a days each of the three big fishes are out there constantly expanding their ponds as all the smaller fishes are moving away to smaller and smaller ponds. Sure there’s a lot of fishing going on there.

One, two, three, four, five,
Once I caught a (Big)fish alive,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
Then I let go again. Continue reading Bollywood and Fishing

Cricket and Spirituality: A Tale of Two Mathematicians

cricketmathematicsspiritual2I was just wondering what to write about. I started off on my blog not because I planned to start a blog it just happened. I penned some articles regarding my memories of the past cricket world cups as I felt nostalgic thinking about the Cricket World Cup 2015 staring soon in Australia and New Zealand. I shared a few of these articles with my friends who advised me to start a blog and here I am writing one more article for my blog. After I posted all my cricket related articles under the category cricket world cups I added an entirely different category spiritually speaking two categories as different as chalk and cheese. I figured why not. Now that I am committed to my blog I just wondered what to post next.

Thinking of Ideas I went off on a wild goose chase. As I debated If my next article should be on cricket, spirituality or politics I went on a search spree on Google for Ideas related to the content of my next post. I first thought of writing an article on India Pakistan World Cup match tomorrow and make a prediction regarding the result. Trying to pen an article to predict the result of the India Pakistan match I stumbled on a Mathematics Professor’s take on the variables involved in predicting the result of an ODI match. The article Predicting the winner in One Day International Cricket aroused my curiosity and the author was doing mathematical modeling to understand the factors which predict the outcome of a cricket match. That made for some interesting reading and my interest waned off as the research paper became too technical to keep my attention span going. As I finally dropped the idea of posting an article regarding the India Pakistan match I veered and turned to the other category spirituality. Continue reading Cricket and Spirituality: A Tale of Two Mathematicians