The Making of A Super Genius. What Defines Intelligence? General Intelligence G factor And The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  I stumbled on this comment and I was taken by the profound philosophy behind this quote.  It subtly mocks at our society’s steadfastness to measure ones abilities through standardization. I would rather say everybody has a talent and the quest is to identify and cultivate that talent! It’s a different proposition whether you end up a Genius or not. So where is the first place in our life where we all get a taste of our talents and abilities?  School ?

Were you a straight A student in School. I was definitely not. I was a Straight B student with a sprinkling of A’s here and there. I admit it always felt good to see an A grade on my Report Card. The Straight A students are all hyped and generally labeled as super intelligent. However most of our school curriculum focuses on the standard subjects and if you bring sports, music, inter personal skills, intra personal skills, leadership skills in to the picture performance in school was not a general indicator of how well the so called intelligent students performed later on in their careers. Good performance in school is a sufficient condition but not a necessary condition for future success.  The Performance in school is mostly all about academic intelligence which is more in tune with the concept of General Intelligence. But there are outliers a student who is remarkably good in one subject can be exceedingly poor in another. You can be a Rock Star in Mathematics but be a pauper when it comes to language skills. History had such Prodigies who were so gifted one dimensionally like the famed mathematician Ramanujam. This brings to the fore how exactly we define intelligence? Continue reading The Making of A Super Genius. What Defines Intelligence? General Intelligence G factor And The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences.

Pantheon Of Gods Across Different Cultures, Regions, Religions And Mythologies. Did Man Create God Or God Create Man?

ISIS, OSIRIS, ANUBIS, ZUES, HADES, EROS, JUPITER, VENUS, CUPID, ODIN, THOR & BALDUR. That’s quite a list. But what is the list all about? ISIS, OSIRIS and ANUBIS? Who are they? Difficult to guess may be but for some one well versed with Egyptian culture it should be a walk in the park to second guess who ISIS, OSIRIS and ANUBUS are. They are the famous Egyptian Gods. ISIS is the Egyptian Goddess of Motherhood, OSIRIS the Egyptian God of Underworld and ANUBIS the Egyptian God of death. There’s more to the pantheon of Egyptian Gods than what I mentioned here. ZUES, HADES and EROS these three hold on their own in a different territory as the God of Heaven, God of Death and God of Love in Greek Mythology. JUPITER, VENUS and CUPID come to life in Roman Mythology as the God of Heaven, and Goddess and God of Love. Scandinavians did not want to be left behind and they had ODIN, THOR and BALDUR to idolize as their favorite Gods. So is that all there to the list of Gods. Well I say I just have scratched the surface of the vast pantheon of Gods and I haven’t talked about the thirty three thousand Gods of Hinduism and the Gods of the Abrahamic Religions. There is more to add as there are African Gods, a whole pantheon of South American Gods from Aztec, Inca and Mayan cultures. Last but not the least the whole pantheon of Chinese Gods. For those who want to fully explore the vast pantheon of Gods I recommend the God Checker.

There seem to be Gods all over the place. They have been around since the ages and continue to awe and inspire the Mankind. So how did we end up with so many God’s? Before the advent of the Abrahamic Religions and the solidification of Religion in people’s minds all man was doing on the planet was fighting a day to day battle for his survival and was dependent and at the mercy of the forces of nature for his wellbeing. A Farmer was at the mercy of a good rain for his harvest. A fisherman at the mercy of the Sea for a good catch of fish. Not that anything has changed drastically from the early days of mankind. The lonely man had two might companions in the sky whom he realized were indispensable for his survival. Those two companions of our early man were the first two he always looked upon with awe and respect. Even till today they continue to be our companions. I assume you know who those companions are the Sun and the Moon. It all started when Man started looking at the sky and saw those distant heavenly bodies and how important they were for his survival. He started venerating them admiring them and finally worshipping them. I guess that’s how it all started. First the Man started looking at the sky for objects aiding his survival and made Gods out of them. But on the Planet Earth as I already mentioned before he was at the mercy of nature for a good life. All the Forces and elements of nature Rains, Winds, Fire, Oceans, Forests, Plants had a big role to play in a Man’s life. More the Mankind proliferated the planet they realized how inconsequential they were before the forces and elements of nature. So here we go came the second list of Gods encompassing all the elements of nature. Rain God, Wind God, Sea God, God of Forests, Fire God. Continue reading Pantheon Of Gods Across Different Cultures, Regions, Religions And Mythologies. Did Man Create God Or God Create Man?