The Hidden dimension And Mechanics Of Spirituality In Sports. Zone of Peak Performance In Athletes And Meditative Dhyana.


Do you think if you want to take your first baby steps in the direction of spirituality? How would you go about it? Spirituality is about understanding your inner self and to start connecting with your inner self the first step is to Focus on yourself and restrain your mind from thinking about anything else sounds too simple but is not as easy as it sounds. It’s all about Focus. I would say if you need some lessons on the art of focusing its better to learn the art from a decorated sportsmen than a Spiritual teacher as a first step.

Have you ever paid close attention to the sports of Archery? I assume no. If you look at the scorecards of the archers who compete in the Olympics there is almost nothing which separates the best from the rest. It’s a sport which awards precision and the amount of focus required to finish on the podium is at the best not quantifiable. I quoted the sport Archery as the art of an arrow hitting the target is a testament to the Archers immense focus. As a matter of fact any sportsman who reaches the highest echelons of his sport is a reward for his unwavering Focus. As I started this article discussing Archery one name comes to the Mind not a modern day Olympic archer but the archer for all times the great Indian Pandava Prince Arjuna. He was the undisputed greatest archer who has ever lived and will ever live. Having quoted Arjuna I better share a story which immortalizes his ability to Focus.
In a great challenge, Droṇa Arjuna’s Teacher set up a wooden bird upon a tree, and from across the adjacent river, asked the princes to shoot it down by striking its eye. When prince Yudiṣṭhira Arjunas brother tried first, Droṇa asked him what he saw. Yudiṣṭhira replied that he saw Droṇa, his brothers, the river, the forest, the tree and the bird. Droṇa replied that Yudiṣṭhira would fail and asks another prince to step forward. The others, even Ashwatthama ( Drona’s son) gave similar replies, and Droṇāwas disappointed with all. But when Arjuna stepped forth, he could only see the eye of the bird and nothing else. Droṇa asked him to shoot, and Arjuna did strike the bird down in the eye. This story makes FOCUS synonymous with Arjuna.

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Understanding Social Change. Diffusion Of Innovation, Tipping Point And Critical Mass. Hundredth Monkey Effect And Bandwagon Effect.

Early in the Morning we are all in a hurry to go to work. As we get out of the house take a guess what are the three Must items we should carry along with us? Well Sorry Ladies I talking for Gents say the three must items are Wallet, Keys, and Cell Phone. Years ago it would have sufficed if we just carried our wallet and keys with us. Cell Phone was not a part of the Collective Conscious right then. But now a Cell phone or rather a Smart phone has become a must carry item 24 x 7. So how did it come to this point where a smart phone has been universally accepted as the most important accessory in our lives and how is that humanity as a whole has accepted the importance of a cell phone in our daily lives?If we go back say 20 years back cell phones were still in their infancy and carrying a cell phone was seen as an additional baggage. It has changed to such a point that if we admit we don’t have a cell phone these days we are looked as if we are from an alien planet. That’s how change propagates in the world and holds true in scenarios relating to technological change, social change and political change. Any new Innovation has few takers initially. It’s initially some few Diehard’s who are the first harbingers of change. And on the other side of the spectrum lie the laggards who take eons to accept and adopt innovation in their day to day life. The day laggards accept technological innovation the cycle of technological innovation hits a full circle. The so call called acceptance of a technological innovation in daily life follows the well accepted theory of Diffusion of Innovation.

Diffusion of innovations is a theory that seeks to explain how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures. Everett Rogers, a professor of communication studies, popularized the theory in his book Diffusion of Innovations; Rogers argues that diffusion is the process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among the participants in a social system. Rogers proposes that four main elements influence the spread of a new idea: the innovation itself, communication channels, time, and a social system. This process relies heavily on human capital. The innovation must be widely adopted in order to self-sustain. Within the rate of adoption, there is a point at which an innovation reaches critical mass. The categories of adopters are: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards. Diffusion manifests itself in different ways in various cultures and fields and is highly subject to the type of adopters and innovation-decision process.As such I have discussed Change in a setting of Innovation where Critical Mass is the Key. Once a technology hits the Critical mass it has ensured it will not see its oblivion any time soon.

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