In Pursuit Of Knowledge. Usefulness Of Useless Knowledge. Knowledge For Knowledge’s Sake Is It worth it ?


As I get started on this discussion I recently recollect my colleague who in a casual conversation could not distinguish between the countries U.A.E and Saudi Arabia. I was surprised at my colleague’s poor understanding of Geography and gave him what the heck look! My friend went on the defensive and said he loves finance and only cares about finance which I understand is his chosen field of domain expertise and earns his bread and butter from. Now I wonder was that a fair justification for his poor knowledge of Geography? Any way it pays for him to have a better domain knowledge in Finance for such knowledge is rewarded and the rest is inconsequential as it hardly matters for who really cares if he could not differentiate between U.A.E and Saudi Arabia. Sadly this is very true of the present day generation where everyone is so focused on domain specific knowledge and see no value in having all-round knowledge which gives a semblance of balance to a wider out look to life. How did we come to this where every bit of knowledge whose worth cannot be measured by the amount of dollars is written off as of some useless knowledge of no use what’s so ever in our day to daily lives ?

There is a saying in my mother tongue that all the roads for the pursuit of all knowledge leads only to one destination. Feeding the Stomach. Well this had some validity in the good olden times when a man’s pursuit in life was to feed himself and all what he did was in an effort to feed himself. But we have come a long distance from then where what a man does for a living feeds him for sure but provides him much more than that. However the modern day society has evolved such that a man does not need to know it all in the knowledge spectrum to support himself it’s just good enough for him to be a specialist in a tiny arc of the knowledge spectrum to get on with his life and the rest of the spectrum is more or less irrelevant to him from a practical point of view. The society we live in puts a premium on the depth of the knowledge in our chosen area of expertise that the breadth of knowledge has lost its relevance!


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