Are We Better Off Shaving With An Occam’s Razor And Boiling Tea In A Russell’s Tea Pot. A Sneak Preview Into Epistemology And Atheism

Sofa and remote

The other day I was reading an article titled eight weird statistics about daily life and I had a good laugh when I read there is a fifty percent chance that your lost remote controller is struck between your sofa cushions and recollected how many times I found my remote controller struck in the cushions. The article also mentioned that four percent of the lost remote controllers were found in the freezers which left me to think the possible ways in which a remote could have ended in a refrigerator. I thought of the following explanations. Either the user of the remote must have been in a drunken stupor or his angry wife unhappy with his couch potato life style might have hidden the remote in the refrigerator. I reckon most of us would indeed search for the lost remote near the sofa set as that seems to be the remotes most likely hideout place and is the simple and the right approach the situation demands.

In the search for the remote we all follow our instincts to search near the sofa than inside the refrigerator as it is the most probable site to look for in the first place and in a larger scheme of things we are better off opting for simple solutions for solving complex problems in our daily lives. I am not re-inventing the wheel here or coming out with my own “ism” what I stated earlier was already etched in stone by a Famed English thinker and Epistemologist “William of Ockham” who stated the Law of Parsimony a principle according to which an explanation of a thing or event is made with the fewest possible assumptions also euphemistically called the Occam’s Razor. In short Occam prescribed to the theory “Cut the Crap Out, Keep it Simple Baby”.occam
Time out Please. I feel like taking a tea break and I want to put Occam ’s razor to use. I have two options I can just run to the nearest corner store or opt for a much more simpler solution reach out for my tea pot and start preparing tea. So I opt to for the simpler solution and relish the spicy tea I Prepared. As I go for a refill and started pouring more tea from my tea pot suddenly I recalled how a Celestial Tea Pot had stirred up emotions and fuelled intense debates between Atheists and the Theists for a long time. A Celestial Tea Pot had triggered and inspired a Famous philosopher Bertrand Russell who wrote that

“if he claims that a teapot orbits the Sun somewhere in space between the Earth and Mars, it is nonsensical for him to expect others to believe him on the grounds that they cannot prove him wrong”
I can’t imagine how in the wildest of his dreams Russell came up with such a theory but in all fairness he was taking a dig at the religious preposterousness of Theists in their belief of a supernatural God. Russell’s Celestial Tea Pot has given enough ammunition for the Atheists and Theists to throw barbs at each other and it continues unabated to date.Steering away from the Atheists and Non Theists, Russell’s theory does have some implications as it pinpoints not to take anything seriously if it cannot be disproved. I guess we are all better off in just shrugging it off when we at times face intense criticism and there is nothing we can do to justify or disprove our actions. So boiling tea in A Russell’s tea pot is not such a bad idea after all.

So just to keep it Simple maybe it’s time we go shopping for a Occam’s Razor and A Russell’s Tea Pot.

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