Arvind Kejriwal demolishes BJP

Arvind Kejriwal’s sensational victory in Delhi Polls is top news in Indian Newspapers and as they say has halted the Modi Juggernaut. This brings into focus Kiran Bedi the famous police woman whose dalliance into politics reeks of pure opportunism.

Kejriwal a.k.a AK 49 surely deserves his moment under the sun. Thanks Kiran Bedi for making it a lot easier for Kejriwal than it was expected. Of course Kejriwal’s land slide victory will be fodder for feed for all the political commentators in India for some time to come and a case study for all the political dilettante.This brings into focus how leaders who are forced on to a organization add little value than people who have risen up through the ranks in the organization. Kiran Bedi was a outsider and she failed to enthuse the ranks of the Grass root workers of BJP who could not identify with her. Delhi voters were wiser to have given their due consideration to Kejriwal’s toil and have left BJP to rue their miscalculation in projecting Kiran Bedi as the Chief Minister of Delhi.

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