The Three Big Arguments For Existence of God. Cosmological, Ontological And Teleological.

Does God Exist? That’s a question everyone thinks some point or the other in their life time. Some people are deeply guided by Faith not even to question the Existence of God and take it for Granted the Existence of God who is watching us all from a distance unmindful of the daily happenings in our lives. Most of us are only temporarily haunted by the question and don’t hesitate to change our positions depending on our life’s circumstances. As they say Bad Things happen to Good People and Good Things happen to Bad People, but when Bad Things happen to Good People the role of God in their lives gets a closer inspection. People resort to the oft repeated Expression “ Why Me?” This question has been explored in many religious contexts and explained in the story of Job in the Old Testament in the Book of Job.

It begins with an introduction to Job’s character—he is described as a blessed man who lives righteously in the Land of Uz. The Lord’s praise of Job prompts an angel with the title of ‘satan’ (“accuser”) to suggest that Job served God simply because God protected him. God removes Job’s protection, ordering the angel to take his wealth, his children, and his physical health (but not his life). Despite his difficult circumstances, he does not curse God, but rather curses the day of his birth. And although he anguishes over his plight, he stops short of accusing God of injustice. Job’s miserable earthly condition is simply God’s Will.

In the following, Job debates three friends concerning Job’s condition. They argue whether it was justified, and they debate solutions to his problems. Job ultimately condemns all their counsel, beliefs, and critiques of him as false. God then appears to Job and his friends out of a whirlwind, not answering Job’s central questions. Job, by staying silent before God, stresses the point that he understands that his affliction is God’s Will even though he despairs at not knowing why. Job appears faithful without direct knowledge of God and without demands for special attention from God, even for a cause that all others would declare to be just.

The basic tenet of the story is just surrendering to Gods Will and not even questioning the existence of God. However not everyone in the world is directed by deep faith they want to have conviction in the argument for the Existence of God, and sure the Philosophers who are more guided by reason had come up with three Arguments which continue to be just that, Arguments for the Existence of God. The three Arguments over the centuries have remained the central tenets of Theology for the Existence of God. The Big Three argument are the “Ontological Argument”, “Cosmological Argument” and the “ Teleological Argument”

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In Pursuit of A Better Memory. Mnemosyne And The Three Muses Characters in Greek Mythology. Does Memory Really Matter ?


Willie Willie Harry Stee
Harry Dick John Harry three;
One two three Neds, Richard two
Harrys four five six….then who?
Edwards four five, Dick the bad,
Harrys (twain), Ned six (the lad);
Mary, Bessie, James you ken,
Then Charlie, Charlie, James again…
Will and Mary, Anna Gloria,
Georges four, Will four Victoria;
Edward seven next, and then
Came George the fifth in nineteen ten;
Ned the eighth soon abdicated
Then George six was coronated;
After which Elizabeth
And that’s all folks until her death.

When A Joke Made Me A Joker,
Van Held The Poker,
The Fiery Poker,
But Long John Grant Had Gone
And Chased His Crazy Mooses
‘Round The West Hollering,
“Can’t Help Rinse Those Empty Kettles Just Now, Friend.”
Come ‘Round By Charlie’s Bed Often (or: Colanders Rinse Bad Cabbage Best, Obviously)


What ? What the hell are the two rhymes I listed out? Take a guess. William the Conqueror ? Henry VIII, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. George Washington Abraham Lincoln , Roosevelt and Obama. That’s the clue. Well If one were asked to sequentially name all the kings of England I make a very safe guess Nine out of Ten would draw a blank and the same goes for naming all the presidents of America. Most of us would care less to remember all the kings of England or all the Presidents of America for the general consensus would be how it would matter if someone is able to name all the Kings and Queens of England or the Presidents of America. I agree it does not amount to much but no denying the power to impress a random someone with one’s remarkable memory is not questionable. So coming to the point the first rhyme I started out with is the mnemonic to remember all the kings of England and the second one is the one to remember the presidents of America where the first letter of the word in the rhyme corresponds to the last name of the president in a sequential fashion. So what is a mnemonic to begin with ? A device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.

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