Cricket World Cup 2011: Dhoni the biggest Matador of all

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We finished with the noughties. Interestingly when I was writing my article on the 2007 World Cup I was looking for a generic term to refer the first decade of the millennium. I drew a blank and I googled to learn something new. The Years from 2001 to 2010 are referred the noughties. Sorry for digressing this was supposed to be about the 2011 World Cup. We will get there no worries Here we are in 2011 and it has been twenty eight years since my first memories of the 1983 World Cup. That’s a long time and the millennials started pushing the generation X to the side and cricket was no exception. All the cricketing greats of my childhood had either retired and become back room boys and donned different avatars as commentators, coaches and cricketing columnists. The only generation X player around was the guy now famously known as “God of Cricket” Sachin Tendulkar. Twenty Twenty nothing related to the perfect vision pronounced similar to year 2020 was cricket’s contribution to the ever expanding English dictionary. A shorter version of the game cricket’s answer to baseball aimed at generation Z had left the purists fuming. The ICC trying to milk money out of the new market for Twenty20 came up with a new world cup for the Twenty20 format six months after the 2007 ODI World Cup. The Indian team still recovering from their shock exit in the 2007 ODI World Cup had their ultimate redemption when India under a new captain Mahinder Singh Dhoni won the first Twenty20 World Cup. The “God of Cricket” had to now share the media spotlight with the new poster boy of Indian cricket the” Captain Cool” Mahinder Singh Dhoni. The Success of India in the Twenty20 tournament led to the advent of Indian Premier League a Twenty20 cricket city based franchise tournament similar to English premier league . For the first time the Indian cricket fans were a divided lot rooting for their city based franchises in IPL highlighting the unifying nature of the Indian cricket team

The one day World Cup had returned to the sub-continent after 15 years. Pakistan had to relinquish their hosting rights because of their internal security problems with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka sharing the hosting responsibilities. Unlike in football no hosting country had won the cricket World Cup except Sri Lanka in 96 who lifted the cup in Lahore Australia the all-conquering team had now developed chinks in the armoire with the retirement of its high level players. The cricketing world was looking for a new World Cup champion Continue reading Cricket World Cup 2011: Dhoni the biggest Matador of all

Cricket World Cup 2007: A Party that Failed to Enthuse

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The Caribbean nations identified as West Indies by the common wealth nations were hosting world cup party. West Indies as it’s known in the Cricketing world is a sporting coalition of mainly English Speaking Countries in the Caribbean. Cricket is the only sport where a group of countries like Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, South American Country Guyana and other small Island Countries like Antigua , St Lucia, Barbados play as a single team. West Indies in spite of a great Cricketing pedigree had never hosted a world up until then. The tourist allure for the Caribbean paradise with their crystal clear waters and sun soaked beaches made the west Indies a Perfect choice for ICC to host the world cup and market it as a ideal vacation package for the global cricket audience.

George W bush was in the final years of his second term and American media was abuzz with the entry of Barrack Obama into the 2008 presidential race upsetting Hillary’s applecart Most Americans were unaware of the fact that a giant financial crisis was lurking down the corner.. India had by now had become a back office of the world and a IT global player in addition to being recognized as a cricketing superpower not because of the performance of the Indian Cricket team but due to the enormous clout BCCI was wielding in ICC because of the Millions of sponsorship revenue it brought to the game..

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