Arvind Kejriwal Second Time Lucky

ArvindAfter following the Delhi elections and nearly all opinion polls predicting An Aam Admi Party victory including chanakya exit poll which is the only survey which predicted NDA getting around 330 seats in the last lok Saba election it’s a safe bet to put money on arvind kejriwal becoming the chief minister

There was a theory doing the rounds BJP plotted to lose to allow kejriwal to hog all the media attention and let Modi continue with his agenda without the glare of media hovering around him during the budget session

This raises some interesting questions

What makes Arvind Kejriwal Delhis’s messiah
Why BJP was unable to capitalize on modi magic in Delhi
Why the poor of delhi identify with AAP

These questions resonate in all political settings. It’s the poor vs the rich divide. Why do the poor have the right to entitlement. Is populism economically viable in Delhi.

It’s interesting to watch how Arvind will govern Delhi this time around after his anointment as the CM of Delhi and how he will try to rectify his “Bhagora” tag