Its Not As Bad As You Think It Is. You Are The Center Of Your Own World. No Body Gives A Damn.

Remember one of those days. You have one of your best haircut and put on your best outfits and you are off to work feeling too good about yourself only to feel a tad disappointed that no one even cared to comment on your hair cut or your best outfit. Welcome to the real world. Nobody gives a damn as they are too busy thinking about themselves and are in the center of their own world. This is even better. You are at work sipping coffee busily staring at your computer screen and lazily take a sip only to find coffee dropping on your pants. That’s a truly awkward moment and people watching nearby seem to pretend as if nothing transpired in front of their eyes. In both these situations we over estimate the fallout of our actions and sometimes have a sigh of relief at the lack of attention generated by our awkward actions or experience dejection due to lack of positive responses from others for something we expect a reaction for.

We all feel too important in our own scheme of things and unconsciously try to project our own self importance on our external surroundings. More often times than not we end up being in the center of a circle which seems to contract inwards towards us with our thoughts not echoing with the same wavelength with our imagined audience. It looks as if we are victims of an inherent bias working in the back of our minds that our actions are worthy of others attention. We assume all people around us are turning their spotlights on us and think of our lives as a part of some reality television sitcom constantly playing on our audiences mind. As much as we like to think that spotlights are always focused on us in actuality the facts portray a contrary picture. In reality people don’t even turn on the reality sitcom we think we are a part of as they are paying attention to other more interesting channels out there in plenty confronting them with the paradox of choice. This indifference of our imagined audience blends in with the so called theory of Spotlight Effect

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Economics Is For Donkeys; Populism and Penguin Effect.


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“Dangling a carrot in front of a donkey—or anyone else for that matter—is not nice, and not fair, unless you eventually plan to give it up to them.” ― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

I remember a few years back one of my friends decided to rent an apartment in downtown Manhattan and he prided himself for his ability to afford a swanky one bed room apartment paying a rent of 4K per month. Good for Him but soon my friend had cause for complaints as he soon discovered that similar apartments in his building were allotted to families from lower income groups for Five Hundred dollars per month. He had to swallow the bitter pill and watch in silence as the lower income group families were subletting the allotted apartments at their market price. Welcome to Manhattan my Friend. Economic Populism in display in the Jewel of Crown of Capitalistic America. Continue reading Economics Is For Donkeys; Populism and Penguin Effect.