Delhi Polls a Closer Look


At a first glance it looks like BJP has been decimated at the Delhi Polls. Numbers never really tell the true story. A deeper look into the numbers shows the real truth about the Delhi Polls and raises a larger question of the true representative nature of Indian Democracy. As the saying goes a picture is worth thousand words the comparative analysis tells a compelling story.BJP looks like a big loser in the 2015 Polls with a 28 seat loss while AAP seems to make its performance look more magnified then it actually is. It looks like the Congress has exited the scene. The Percentage of votes polled shows a different picture all together. The BJP vote share almost looks intact from what it was in 2013 and it looks like a good chunk of Congress voters dumped Congress for AAP in 2015. This is the pitfall of the First Past the Post Voting System. BJP India’s ruling party should not have any reason to complain as it won the national polls with 31% of the vote share giving it a whopping 282 seats out of 545 seats.

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