Nocebo: Placebo’s Alter Ego Separated At Birth. Whose Side Are You On ?


Placebo : “I am the Personification of Self Belief. My Motto is I shall Heal and Empower”.

Nocebo : “I am the Personification of Distrust and Diffidence. My Motto is I shall Harm”

Sports and Reel Life mirror Real Life. Both Sports and Reel Life Parade a plethora of heroes in front of us. These heroes become a part of our Collective Conscious and little do we know about the path they had treaded upon before spotlights are turned on them in recognition of their well-known exploits.. Each Heroes Stories replete with stories highlighting triumph over adversity and stories where self-belief holds sway over the inner demons of conflict and self-doubts. Their Stories accord Placebo Heroic Status as he rules the roost and has Nocebo nailed down on the mat.On a bigger scale not talking about Sports and Movie stars everyone endures the troughs and crests of life barring a lucky few whose life graph mirrors a straight line and don’t gravitate through the extremes of human emotions of those whose life mimics a roller coaster ride. We all experience the nadirs of life on a repeated basis and most manage to come out unscathed while a few week hearted chose to exit the playground of life abruptly all of a sudden once for all. The unscathed continue to move on with their self-belief enhanced and confidence personified.

Self-belief and Positive Mindset are the key differentiators in the outlook of those who continued to move on and those who decided to take the exit out of the highway of life. Placebo the personification of assuredness is their best friend and reinforces their self-belief to face the odds of live with conviction. On the Contrary Nocebo the Alter Ego of Placebo plays havoc on the minds of the week hearted pushing them out of the highway of life.

Placebo and Nocebo my two fictitious twins owe a lot to the Medical Literature for their actuality and come alive as Medical Researchers reinforce the importance of self-belief in the healing process and to a larger context life in general and explain how Placebos the personification of Self-belief plays a key role in the healing process of a medical patient.

“The placebo effect refers to the phenomenon in which some people experience some type of benefit after the administration of a placebo. A placebo is a substance with no known medical effects, such as sterile water, saline solution or a sugar pill. In short, a placebo is a fake treatment that in some cases can produce a very real response. The expectations of the patient play an important role in the placebo effect; the more a person expects the treatment to work, the more likely they are to exhibit a placebo response”.

On the Contrary Nocebo the Personification of Self Doubt and Negativity has the patient looking down the barrel of life

“The Nocebo effect is a negative placebo effect. When a patient is given a treatment, and that patient believes there will be a negative side effect, or a problem that results from the side effect, then the effect may become true. The negative side effects that are really only caused by the patient’s thought process, and not really by the drug or treatment, may cause the patient to get sicker, or even to die”.


Placebo and Nocebo have a much larger than life role than the limited scope accorded to them in Medical Literature. It pays to have Placebo on your side and Kick out Nocebo from your life. Are you listening and whose side are you on?

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