Offense And Defense, American Football and US Presidential Elections. An Anology, Quarterbacks And the American Presidential Candidates.

politicsEverybody loves a winner and winner takes it all. Why is it like that? In our daily lives we see peons of praise sung in the glory of the winners while the losers fall by the wayside. We as a society have created lot of settings to witness the battles where winners and losers fight it out in the backdrop of our lives giving us a sense of vicariousness. Everyone in their own lives goes through a series of upheavals and we our self can consider our self-winners or losers depending on how we have coped when life threw a spanner at us. But we are more interested in seeing winners paraded in front of us and feel the vicarious joy of winning because for some life might not give them the challenges to confront to experience the winning feeling. Well that’s why we have sports and politics where winners are minted day in day out and of course politics where winners take a much bigger prize and elevate themselves as the chosen ones to govern the very people who put them up on the big stage.

Interesting Politics and Sports the stories from which the head line news are made every day always churn out winners year after year. The context differs from country to country where in America the elections produce winners on a continual basis and the winners depending on the type of race they have contested in are named Senators, Congressmen, Governors and the mother of it all the one and only one President of the United States POTUS. Now in the world of American Sports focused on Baseball, Basketball, American Football and Ice hockey we always have a winner on a daily basis in any of these sports depending on which game we are focusing on. But the Big prizes are the Super Bowl , World Series, NBA Championship and the Stanley Cup.

I was reading articles on the recent presidential election on the famed web site five thirty eight which predicts the presidential elections based on probabilistic models using Bayes theorem and graph theory. Interestingly the founder of the website Nate Silver started off his career analyzing the statistics associated with baseball games a field of its own called saber metrics. The fact that the same website used probabilistic models to predict the winners in politics and Sport brings to the fore the fact all what matters is winning after all.

I myself both a sports and political enthusiast was thinking what could be the sport which could be best used to draw an analogy between Sports and American Presidential Politics. American Football was the answer. Well the more I thought about it I could visualize the presidential contest as a contest of 51 football games between the two presidential nominees. In the year 2016 I presume everyone knows their names Clinton and Donald Trump.

So the Presidential Election as series of 51 games between Hillary and Trump as Quarter backs. However in a few games Hillary is given the Home advantages You Know what I mean the Blue States. In these games Hillary already has 332 points tucked away. Donald has 206 points to start with. The Quarter back who after all the 51 games ends with 270 points is declared the winner. She has the liberty to only play defense in the blue states and Donald Trump is the Quarter back played in those beautiful stadiums in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. You see what I am getting at. If Donald Trump the quarter back is able to pass or run a touch down he gets some points depending where the game is played. So if Donald Trump and his team score a touchdown in the game in Los Angeles they get 55 points and the 55 points are knocked off Hillary’s team. Now every team has the option only to play defense, offense, or both defense and offense. In the California game which Hillary is so sure that’s it’s her game to loose she has no reason to play offense. Donald has a choice he can play offense but can give a walk over considering it’s not a worthwhile effort even to try to score a touchdown in Los Angeles. Now shifting the scene to a red state Texas Donald has the advantage. He already plays the game with 39 points to start with. He is very confident that he can defend his 39 points. So he opts only to play defense, and Hillary’s team has to score a touchdown but she can opt out if she thinks she cannot score.

The same game is played across multiple stadiums across different states where in some Hillary is the quarterback and in some Donald is the quarter back. Hmm but then come in the battleground states here both the teams play Offense and Defense and the team which scores the first touchdown is declared the winner. Say Donald Scores the first touchdown in Tampa Florida he gets 29 points. But there is a problem all the 51 games are held on the same day. So we can indulge in some magical realism and assume we have 51 clones of Hillary and Trump fighting it out in 51 different football stadiums in America.

So what’s the strategy to win the Championship? Hillary has nothing spectacular to do if she holds on to all her home games, Donald does not have much to look forward to, However if Donald team scores a few touchdowns in Hillary’s home games knocking of more than 63 points off her board, and wins all his home games he truly will be crowned as the greatest Quarterback in the game of football and will be given a Championship trophy called the POTUS.

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