Cricket World Cup 1996: Sri Lanka Tames the Kangaroos

imagesQKDJ2UMY ranatunga1996 World Cup

As the 92 world cup drew to a close I was just left wondering how my life would change four years down the lane and by 96 I was no longer a Indian resident and I moved on to USA to pursue grad studies. Now watching cricket on TV had almost become a luxury and a real cricket enthusiast like me had to rely on Indian newspapers and the still infant Cricketing websites to keep in touch with the happenings in the game..

For all the Recorded History of Ashes where the first match was played in 1877 and recognized as the first test match the oldest International match was not played by England or Australia. The first recorded international cricket match and the first international sports contest ever was played between USA and Canada in 1844. It’s an altogether different story that cricket lost its foothold to baseball in USA and cricket just remained a sport played by the immigrants from Common Wealth Countries thereafter. However the diehard cricket fans amongst Indian Immigrant Community always kept in touch with cricket and I was no exception. As the 96 cricket world cup approached the Indian Students at our university had pitched in to buy the cricket package sold by a hitherto unknown channel to follow the World cup and we were joined by the cricket fans form other cricket playing nations. As such it was a totally different experience altogether.

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Cricket World Cup 1992: A Rain Socked Indian Nightmare

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First of all for the Mathematically Inclined this does not seem correct. The Reliance world cup was held in 87 so it should have been 91 World Cup. Yes that’s right; but the cricket world cup was being hosted in Australia and New Zealand. They followed their own rules and the summers in the Southern Hemisphere Start in December so it was a 92 world cup to ensure glorious sunshine but ironically this was the world cup which was marred by rain and arbitrary rain related rules.

Yes another 4.5 years went by I was now studying Engineering. Things had changed from the innocent days of the 83 summer. India no longer wanted to be a closed market economy. We had a new Prime Minister P V Narsimha Rao who signaled the change in Economic Policy and came In Manmohan Singh who’s Mantra was liberalization and so did the winds of change started blowing in all directions. All of a Sudden we Indians were spoiled with a lot of choice we could watch more than one channel on TV that was amazing and of course we were watching cricket coverage on STAR sports network for a change. Continue reading Cricket World Cup 1992: A Rain Socked Indian Nightmare