Spirituality Knocking at Your Door

Spirituality is a big industry these days and there are a lot of preachers spreading the gospel of spirituality. Society is thankful to them for their commitment to their cause. For the mundane deeply immersed in the materialistic mumbo jumbo of life realizing ones inner self is akin to man landing his foot on the moon

Spiritual lectures are abstract and are of pure theoretical value. I feel a person when he questions himself “why he is on the planet Earth” for the first time opens his mind to the meta physical. What triggers a man to question his existence in life “obviously his circumstances” . When the going gets tough man in his sheer despair realizes he is not in the control of his destiny and acknowledges the unknown forces running the show behind him. As he look inwards he connects with his soulSuch a person who has realized his inner self is on the path of self discovery. Fortunate is he since spirituality knocked at his doors than those who knock at the doors of spirituality.

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