Spiritual Quotient Karmic Imprint and Mental Makeup


spiritualSpiritual Quotient It sounds interesting. Why is that some people are more predisposed to spiritual knowledge while some turn in the other direction when they hear the word Spirituality. It’s more to do with their Mental Makeup. Now that raises another question what determines an individual’s Mental Makeup. Thinking of it the word Karmic Imprint comes into to the forefront. The words Karmic Imprint, Mental Makeup and Spiritual Quotient are all interrelated.
 Now talking about Mental Makeup let’s explore some of the factors which come into play here.

  • Childhood Experiences
  • Parental Influence
  • Individaul Blue Print

The Childhood Experiences and Parental Influence are external factors however the Individual Blue Print has to do more with the individual’s genetic makeup. I suppose. This being my thought process I wanted to explore what science has to say about this and I did some preliminary research and stumbled on God Gene.

I had my eureka moment!

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