Universal Consciousness: A Canvass full of Human Experiences

The graduates in the field of spirituality must have heard the term universal consciousness n number of times

Strangely I got a feel for universal consciousness as I was watching a immaculately dressed guy sitting next to me in the subway during my daily commute in NYC. All the people we encounter on any given day in our life are at the best fleeting images and don’t even register on our database called our mind and are instantly deleted from our memory but that day in my mind I just wondered about the gentleman sitting next to me and I for a moment wondered what could be his back ground his out look to life shaped by his life experiences . I just glanced at all the passengers in my subway compartment and all I could imagine was the life experiences of all the people around me. Life experiences just remain as impressions in our minds deep in our consciousness. That’s all there is to life when we cross over to the other side.For a moment I imagined the entire world and I just imagined the vast human population and each individuals experiences on this planet and everyone leaving their experiences as imprints on a already existing canvass called universal consciousness

I felt the eureka moment but I was not that sure

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