Law of Fortune: Who wants to be a Billionaire

billpicture Bill Gates is the first person who flashes in front of our mind when he hear of the word Billionaires. We haven’t reached a state where the term Trillionaire is associated with an individual person yet. The world trillion is more talked in reference to the world’s largest economies. One day we will get there where we have an individual with a trillion dollar fortunes Talking about fortune’s lets for a moment think how fortunes are made. The modern billionaires have all made their fortunes courtesy of an economic policy called Capitalism. An institution which encourages wealth accumulation by participation in stock markets. All billionaires of today are what they are because of the zillions of shares they own giving them the billionaires tag. In effect all these billionaires have contributed something to the society of some utilitarian value which they have monetized though the workings of a capitalistic economy.

In the days before the advent of the free market economy and capitalism the richness was associated with aristocracy and nobility. The richness of nobility was quantified on the basis of the extant of their kingdoms and its vast population and the tax revenue the kingdoms generated. The business men in such societies were never able to scale such heights as achieved by the likes of Zuckerberg’s of the modern era.I used the term Utilitarian value earlier and I describe this a key metric in understanding how billionaires are made. We Know Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft and let’s see how this metric Utilitarian value applies in term of his wealth. Bill Gates wealth as of today is an estimated 79.2 Billion. The term Utilitarian value is more akin to the value of what Bill Gates has to offer and its utility to the society as a whole. Now when we consider the society as a whole the most important metric to be take into consideration is the world population estimated to be 7.2 billion at the moment. Now things get interesting here as I propose an equation for Law of Fortune in terms of the services provided by an individual taking into consideration the world population as a whole.

Law of Fortune

W = Wealth of an Individual

U = Utilitarian value of the Services provided in terms of world population

WP = World Population

As per Law of Wealth which I propose W = U * WP

Let’s apply this equation to Bill Gates Net Worth to understand his Utilitarian value of the Service he provided to the society.

W = 79.2 Billion ( Bill Gates Wealth)

WP = 7.2 Billion ( World Population)

U = $11

So what this really means is Bill Gates through his organization Microsoft has provided a service to the world and the entire world paid him back 11 dollars per person exact and no change to him thanking him for his services. So what is that an aspiring Billionaire show aim for to become a billionaire the magic number is U = .139 What this means is if a person can come with a service such that world presently at 7.2 billion rewards him a mere 13.9 cents per person for his services he is on his way to become a billionaire. And if some one sets the bar a bit too high the first trillionaire has to strive for creating a service where the present world population will reward him around 139 dollars per person for his service. Good Luck to him.

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