Yoganand’s Autobiography Of A Yogi and Meher Babas God Speaks. Astral Plane Astral Projection And Doppelganger Effect. Three layered body and Yoga


Newspapers and Magazines are in the content business and on a daily basis editors face immense pressure to fill the space in all the columns of their newspapers. They are in the hunt for all sorts of news also of the offbeat kind. Many a time I saw some good chunk of space allocated to stories titled real life doppelganger where celebrities are paired with their look alike aka doppelganger more having a German etymology Doppel ( double) ganger(walker). The news surely of some curiosity value and very low intellectual value. Of late I also read some articles on doppelganger effect where like a real life hologram a body double of a person makes a presence in two locations at the same time and making it more spooky some people came face to face with their own doppelgangers raising the curiosity quotient of the doppelganger effect.

For the spiritually advanced and well versed with the concepts of Astral Plane and Astral Projection the phenomenon of the Doppelganger effect is within the grasp of their spiritual knowledge. Myself a beginner in the discipline of spirituality had read one of the most recommended book by the New Age Movement Autobiography of a Yogi and followed it up with Meher Baba’s God Speaks. These two books do a great job in expanding the horizons of readers especially of the low spiritual quotient kind. The Human body is explained as a three layer vehicle and the layers explained as Physical, Astral and the Casual bodies. The realization of God head is seen as transcending seven planes of existence. The mutual relationship of thee bodies to each other and the Soul is very clearly explained and forms the core tenets in both of these books. There are variants of the three layered body expanding to the five layered body and the seven layered body. Keeping it simple and focusing on the three layered body.GOD
The human body and material awareness exist as the physical body which allows a Soul to experience this plane of reality in a functional vehicle. The vehicle of the human body is animated by life force translated from the astral body. The physical body includes flesh blood fat muscles physical organs and the respiratory circulatory and nervous systems.

The astral body is a Soul’s vehicle in the astral realm. The astral realm is made up of pure intelligent life force. This plane of reality is seen through inner vision and corresponds to the dream world. The astral body is made up of intelligent life-force which flows through the subtle nervous the astral body communicates through a network of energy centers connected by pathways. There are said to be 72,000 pathways comprising the subtle nervous system. The prana that forms the astral body is derived from our causal self.

Our Causal Body, or Spiritual Body corresponds to the Bliss body. This is the level of our being that is free to create infinite realities through the potency of Pure Consciousness. The Causal body has manifested the astral and physical bodies. When in tune with this body we understand our essence as Bliss and experience in Divine Mind the pure sensations of cosmic consciousness and creativity. Soul magnetizes all levels of the spine—causal, astral, and physical—back into itself. The work of an individual Soul in becoming aware of and facilitating this process is called Yoga. I have just scratched the tip of the iceberg and there is a vast ocean of spiritual knowledge to explore for those who want to take a deep dive and up their spiritual acumen by a notch. Physical-Astral-Causal Bodies

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